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Many people have allergies to dust and pollen. Some people have specific allergies to certain medications or materials. You will be asked about any specific allergies your child may have on their new-patient questionnaire. Be sure to let us know prior to treatment if they have allergies to any of the following:

Allergies to Medications

QuestionnaireIf your child has ever had an allergic reaction to any medication, including dental anesthetics, please let us know. If you can't remember the name of the medication, we can contact the health care provider that used or prescribed the medication to get the name. We have alternate anesthetics that can be used in case of allergies to certain dental anesthetics ("numbing" agents). There are alternate drugs that can be prescribed in case of allergies to oral antibiotics or analgesics (pain relievers).

Allergies to Materials

If your child is allergic to Latex, please notify us prior to treatment and we will be happy to use vinyl or Nitrile gloves instead. If they have any other allergies we should be aware of, please let us know so we can provide a comfortable environment for your child.