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At Alumni Dental Center, we provide complete dental care for the whole family, from routine cleanings and x-rays to cosmetic procedures. Our team is trained on the latest technology to provide high quality care to each and every patient.

Exams & Cleanings

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit a dentist at least twice a year for examination and cleaning of the teeth and gums. These periodic exams help maintain proper oral health and assess your risk for decay and disease. Our wonderful hygienists and doctors take tremendous pride in establishing and maintaining a healthy mouth for their patients!


Whitening is a great way to enhance and brighten your natural smile! We offer professional whitening at home and in-office. If you prefer at home treatment, ask about our custom, precision-fit trays with take-home whitening gel, or pre-filled whitening trays for convenience. For in-office treatment, we use the Opalescence Whitening’s Chairside technology.

Porcelain / Zirconia Crowns

Crowns fit over the entire tooth to protect, seal, and strengthen when the tooth is significantly weakened or discolored. There are many situations where a crown may be used: to replace large old fillings, repair a cracked or broken tooth, to strengthen a tooth that has undergone a root canal, or to simply improve a tooth’s appearance. Using 3-D scanning technology enables our office to provide tooth-colored crowns that are very precise and beautiful, in a timely manner.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a thin layer of natural-appearing porcelain placed over a tooth, or multiple teeth, to correct their overall appearance. Veneers are wonderful for patients who want to correct discoloration, gaps, uneven length, chipped, or crooked teeth. They are a smile changer, and therefore a tremendous confidence builder!

Fillings / Direct Restorations

Fillings are the most common restorative procedure, used to restore decayed and/or damaged teeth. At Alumni Dental Center, we restore teeth with tooth-colored (composite) fillings throughout the mouth. And though rarely considered, silver (amalgam) fillings can be used in some circumstances.

Bonding / Composites

Bonding procedures use a tooth-colored composite material to change the shape/shade of front teeth, or fill in gaps between the teeth, such as a gap between the two front teeth.

Implant Placements

Many people have a missing tooth or multiple teeth but it doesn’t have to be that way! Often, the gold standard for replacement of these teeth utilizes a root form implant, placed in the site of the missing tooth root. We use a state-of-the-art 3-D Cone Beam CT scanner to map the area and aid us in precise placement of the implants into the available space.

Restoration of Implants

Following implant placement to replace the root of the missing tooth, an abutment and crown are placed on top of the implant to restore it back to function. In other situations where more (sometimes all) teeth are missing, a denture or partial denture is attached on top of multiple implants to replace teeth securely.


A long-term option for replacing a missing tooth or teeth, a bridge connects to the teeth adjacent to the space and is fixed into place to restore function and esthetics in the area.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are used to treat badly damaged or infected teeth instead of removing them. When an infection or abscess occurs in the nerve space of the tooth, a root canal is the only way to preserve the tooth, and can be restored to function as it did before the injury or infection.

Tooth Extractions

Though we prefer to maintain, repair, and preserve teeth, there are times when a tooth needs to be removed due to breakdown or presence of a large infection. This is not taken lightly, however, and replacement options for the tooth/teeth are always discussed with the patient for their consideration.

Dentures / Partials

Dentures or partial dentures are traditionally removable prostheses that replace all or some missing teeth. There also may be options to attach the prosthesis to implants or existing teeth to help with retention and function. Our doctors will evaluate your needs and determine which option is best for you.

TMJ / Jaw Problems

Problems associated with the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) can afflict people of all ages. Symptoms of TMJ include: headaches, earaches, soreness of the jaw area, dizziness, pain behind eyes, neck and shoulder pain. We offer several conservative methods of treatment to help patients suffering from various TMJ disorders.


Sealants are tooth-colored material that is bonded to the chewing surfaces of back teeth (molars). These teeth have deep grooves and pits; the sealants prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck and causing decay. Sealants are most commonly used in children but may also be applied to adults.

If you have questions about any of these services we offer, please contact our office today! We look forward to hearing from you!

Sedation Options

If you are anxious, fearful or stressed about dental treatment, we offer sedation options to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Sedation is accomplished through an oral medication method or an intravenous (IV) method, placing the recipient in a conscious, but thoroughly relaxed state. We also provide our patients with Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) as a lighter option of relaxation. Should sedation be recommended, your doctor will discuss options during your consultation to determine the best sedation method for your treatment.

Advanced Technology

Our team is trained on the latest technology to enhance patient comfort and help every patient get the smile they deserve.

Digital Radiography for all X-rays

Opalescence Whitening System for In-Office Whitening

Opalescence GO! System for Take-Home Whitening

CBCT (Cone Beam) 3-D Imaging to assist in implant placement

Digital Scanning Technology for fabrication of crowns/veneers/bridges, etc.

Logicon to assist in detection of decay on radiographs

Oral CDx Brush Biopsy to superficially sample suspicious lesions

Use of Cavitron Ultrasonic for periodontal cleanings

Soft Tissue Laser to gently remove or treat tissue if needed

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