Dental implants are expensive, especially if you do not have insurance. Without insurance, high-quality teeth implants cost up to $6,700. And that’s just for a single tooth!

The high cost of implant dentistry may have you considering the cheapest option. But you get what you pay for with cheap implants. Worse, the “affordable” quotes you see online may not include hidden fees.

Even choosing the most reputable dentist can have consequences if you choose inferior implant materials. The cost of more expensive implants is often worth it in the long run because they are stronger and made to last longer.

So, what are the qualities you should look for in a good implant or implant dentist? We are breaking down the most important factors in this guide. Read on to learn more.

The Risks of Cheap Implant Dentistry

Being able to afford your tooth replacement is important, but not at the cost of quality services. Some dentists may advertise affordable implant dentistry. But “affordable” can be code for low-quality work.

Getting your implant placed by a dentist offering cheap services could increase the chances of hyperplasia, surrounding tooth injury, and implant failure. Worse, you may even end up paying extra costs for low-quality services.

Dental Implant Failure

For implant dentistry to be successful, the implant root must fuse, or osseointegrate, with the jawbone. Some factors outside of a dentist’s control can increase the risk of failure, such as smoking or having poor oral health.

However, the dentist’s skill also plays a role. If you get low-quality implant dentistry services, you may wind up having to pay more if it fails to osseointegrate.

Tooth Injury

Going to a dentist who is not skilled in placing implants can lead to injury of the surrounding teeth. These injuries can occur if the implant is placed improperly or if the root is too large.

Injury to surrounding teeth can also occur if your dentist does not perform a full evaluation before placing the implant. Avoid these outcomes by choosing a dentist with implant expertise who will carefully assess your dental history.

Inflammatory Fibrous Hyperplasia

Inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia or fibrous dysplasia is an oral bone condition. It can cause pain, sores, pigmentation, and even bone deformities in the affected areas.

This condition can happen due to ill-fitting implants. The only way to alleviate it is with surgery, driving up the cost of getting implants. Working with a skilled dentist is one way to avoid this potential consequence.

Hidden Fees

Last but not least, some “affordable” dental clinics may not be so cheap after all. The price they quote might not include services like X-rays. Or the dentist may only be quoting you for the price to place the implant.

In the latter case, you could end up paying more to have the abutment attached and the crown fitted. Avoid these potential pitfalls by going with a reputable, upfront dental service provider in the first place.

Why High-Quality Implant Materials Matter

Choosing a skilled and reputable implant dentist is only the first step. Once you get into the chair, you must understand which implant root and crown materials to choose.

The right materials can reduce the risk of failure, lower your overall costs, and give you the most natural-looking and feeling smile.

Reduced Risk of Osseointegration Failure

As mentioned, osseointegration is the dental term for when an implant root fuses with your jawbone. Proper osseointegration is crucial for a stronger, longer-lasting tooth replacement and, ultimately, a lower bill.

Biocompatible implant root materials like zirconia and titanium are best for optimal osseointegration. These materials will cost you, but the potential risks of going with a cheaper, less biocompatible material make it worthwhile.

If your implant fails to integrate with your jawbone, you will have to get a new root placed. In many cases, that extra placement does not come free, driving up the total cost of your tooth replacement.

Lower Costs Over Time

One of the main reasons people choose cheap implant materials is because they want to save money. But did you know that high-quality implants and crowns can actually cost less in the long term?

The reason for this is that more expensive implant materials are highly durable. With proper care, your implant(s) will last longer, spreading out the cost over time.

We have already discussed the importance of choosing high-quality implant materials like zirconia. You should also choose a durable crown material. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) is the gold standard for high-quality crowns.

A More Natural Smile

High-quality dental implant materials offer a more natural look and feel. Pay special attention to the type of crown material you choose. Porcelain is the ultimate choice for a few reasons.

First of all, the look of porcelain is the closest you can get to your natural tooth. This material can be customized to the exact shade of surrounding teeth. Plus, it reflects light just like natural tooth enamel.

A second reason to go with porcelain for your crown is its durability. As long as you take care of your new tooth properly, you can expect it to last for 15 years or even longer.

Cheap Implants: You Get What You Pay For

As you can see, the right dentist and implant materials can make all the difference. But what happens if you want the best of the best but just can’t afford the cost?

At Alumni Dental Center, we offer financing to help you spread out the cost of your new tooth or teeth over time. Extend payment for as little as three months or up to two years.

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Getting dental implants is an investment, but it’s worth it for the health and longevity of your smile. Choose a skilled implant dentist and the best materials for new teeth that will last as long as your natural ones.

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