According to a recent survey, about 80% of American adults wish their teeth were whiter. More than half of them believe whiter teeth would improve their self-confidence.

Have you always wished there was a way to make your teeth whiter? You can probably pick up a teeth whitening kit at your local grocery store or pharmacy if you want.  At-home teeth whitening products may help you get the whiter teeth you’ve been looking for.

But having dental teeth whitening done will be a much better option. It’ll guarantee great results.

So, how much does it cost for teeth whitening at the dentist? It’s going to depend on a variety of different factors.

In this article, we’re going to break down several of the key factors that’ll help determine the answer to the question, “How much does it cost for teeth whitening at the dentist?” Learn more about them below.

The Dentist You Choose

The U.S. is home to more than 200,000 dentists at the moment, according to the American Dental Association. Many of them will be able to provide you with teeth whitening services as needed.

But not every dentist is going to provide the same answer to the question, “How much does it cost for teeth whitening services?” Certain dentists will charge you more than others.

For this reason, it would be worth looking around to see which dentists will be able to deliver teeth whitening services to you at a price you can afford. You should be able to find options that’ll fit nicely into your preferred price range.

The Condition of Your Teeth

Once you’ve chosen a dentist to perform teeth whitening services for you, they’ll have you come into their office to evaluate your teeth. The condition of your teeth might play a big part in how much teeth whitening will cost you.

If your teeth are filled with stubborn stains that aren’t going to disappear right away, it might result in you having to jump through more hoops during the teeth whitening process. This could inevitably increase your teeth whitening costs and put you in a position where you’ll have to pay more money to get the results you’re chasing.

The Teeth Whitening Treatment a Dentist Offers

Not every dentist is going to offer the same teeth whitening treatments. From laser teeth whitening to Zoom teeth whitening to Opalescence Whitening’s Chairside technology, there are a variety of teeth whitening options out there. You should try to choose the one that seems like it’ll produce the best results for you.

You should also take the costs of different teeth whitening treatments into account when you’re trying to decide which one you’d like to move forward with. You will often find that certain treatments are going to be more involved or include more technology and will therefore cost you a little more money in the long run.

The Number of Teeth Whitening Sessions You Need

In a perfect world, you would be able to get the bright, white teeth you’ve been longing for after just a single teeth whitening session. But this is, of course, not always going to be the case.

If your teeth have a number of stubborn stains, you might have to take a few extra trips to see your dentist to have teeth whitening done. It’ll be the only way your teeth will be able to shine like you want them to.

The dentist you choose should be able to assess your teeth and tell you about how many sessions you’ll need to go through to get whiter teeth. It’ll give you a much better sense of how much dental teeth whitening is going to cost in the end.

The At-Home Teeth Whitening You Might Have to Do

One thing that people don’t always realize is that, even if you go to a dentist for dental teeth whitening, you still might need to do some at-home teeth whitening on your own. This will, again, depend on what kind of shape your teeth are in.

If your teeth still have some stains on them after you’ve had dental teeth whitening done, your dentist might decide to send you home with a teeth whitening kit. They’ll be able to show you how to use it so that you can finish off the teeth whitening process yourself and get the best possible results.

Doing at-home teeth whitening might be less expensive than having to return to a dentist’s office to continue to whiten your teeth. But it could also increase the cost of teeth whitening if you weren’t planning on having to take this step.

The Type of Dental Insurance You Have

More often than not, your dental insurance coverage isn’t going to cover teeth whitening. But every dental insurance policy is a little different. So there is a chance that your dental insurance could cover some or even all of the expenses associated with teeth whitening.

It would be well worth looking into this possibility long before you make an appointment to have a dentist perform teeth whitening for you.

So, How Much Does It Cost for Teeth Whitening?

As you can see, so many factors will affect the answer to the question, “How much does it cost for teeth whitening?” It’s why it can be challenging to calculate what teeth whitening will cost you.

On average, teeth whitening done by a dentist will cost between $300 and $1,000. But the exact price you’ll pay will change based on the factors we’ve listed.

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